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Welcome to the Void

Humanity is fighting for survival around alien stars. Earth and Mars have gone silent. The supplies and leadership the colonies had come to rely on suddenly stopped, leaving vulnerable civilizations helpless on unforgiving planets, moons, and asteroids. Hundreds of millions died to starvation and disease as food and medicine shipments stopped, planetary hazards killed millions of stranded colonists when critical systems fell into disrepair, tens of thousands died as space stations became tombs, but billions were killed in terrible conflicts as desperate people fought over dwindling resources.

Bastions of hope flicker in the dark void. A dwindling number of cities found ways to survive on their own by securing food production and manufacturing goods. Some trade between star systems continues, though nothing like it was before. Not everything could be rebuilt without the superior facilities and supply chains available in mankind's birth system.

Players find themselves in a resource-strapped colony hundreds of years after the link to Earth and Mars was severed. The region of space is largely unexplored and much of what was explored was lost after centuries of decline. They will have to struggle to survive on worlds that were never meant to support them in conflicts that humankind was never meant to repeat. The golden age is over and a new dark age has begun. Welcome to the void.

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